5 Points to help you find the best Yoga Shrewsbury teacher.

” The skill, style and experience of a yoga teacher can vary enormously, like in any vocation.”

What type of yoga is best for you?

In addition, there are many different types of yoga schools and Shrewsbury Yoga Classes. For these reasons, you need to use your critical thinking skills when you decide to put yourself in the hands of a yoga instructor in Shropshire.  Evaluate the competence of your future teacher and make sure you gel well with their teaching style.

First, meet and talk with your future Yoga Shrewsbury teacher.

Competent teachers will always be happy to be asked about their experience and training and discuss what a new yoga student can expect from their lessons; They will be available to advise you on the adequacy between their approach, their style and your expectations regarding your age or your state of health.  They will also be happy to tell you about their own training and experience.


 They should be able to speak from their own experiences and easily answer any simple questions you have. If they don’t know the answer then they must tell you and find out how to help you in the next session.

Please remember that you are responsible for your own body and mind and that you should not do anything that makes you uncomfortable or causes pain or feel unhappy.  If you feel good or even amazing at the end of the course then maybe you have found the right Yoga teacher in shrewsbury for you!

There are also excellent yoga teachers who do not have a formal qualifications or are not connected with any organisation. 

They may have been initiated by a teacher, received traditional instruction from a guru, or they have simply gained substantial experience in a wide variety of yoga styles.  Many of the world’s most esteemed teachers fall into this category.   So don’t be upset by the lack of formal qualifications or affiliation.  Know that a good Yoga Shrewsbury teacher builds on the depth of their practice.

The first course is usually free.

When you decided what type of yoga you want to do and spoken to a Yoga Shrewsbury teacher then it’s time to attend your first session. Many teachers will offer a free taster session before you join, so you can try a few different classes out and decide which Shrewsbury Yoga group you prefer.